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We help companies boost the communication and safety of their properties, guests, and their employees through the latest technology.

20+ Corporate Partner

The major brands demonstrate why our products are preferred and approved to be aligned with the standards of hotels and corporates.

Who We Are

Dedicated to Hospitality Security

Founded to supply MENA with the most innovative hospitality solutions with a solid and proven track record of installation and maintenance services to enhance the quality and stability of the products.

More Hight Detail

The right choice, the best features, and the latest technology.

Designed integrated intelligent solutions to meet the particular needs of your site and end users, now and in the future.


We believe that people can do amazing things and work in a way of innovation and creativity if they found their needs of hospitality and security, and this is our mission to help find the required results through the right choice.

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Loyalty Over Years

Loyal Pro has gratefully worked with preferred hotels and businesses worldwide that have benefited from our services through trusted and authorized brands.

Loyal Pro was founded to be the exclusive partner in the hospitality industry in Egypt and supply the most innovative solutions for hotel telecommunications.

Loyal Pro is constantly improving its services to suit the business’s requirements in various sectors and providing security solutions to facilitate the work environment.

Loyal Pro has been playing a vital role in the value chain, providing an upper level of globally integrated security hardware and communications tools for most sectors and sellers.

For large-scale enterprises across different sectors, Loyal Pro continually provides intelligent solutions by designing and installing security and hospitality hotel phones.

Best Hospitality LOYAL HAPPY Guest

From large to small, Loyal Pro Hospitality offers a wide range of guest room phones which are preferred and approved internationally according to the hotel’s standards.

Choose the world-class brands and Loyal support, hotels standards phones backed by 35 years of hospitality experience. Select from classic or contemporary analog and VoIP models, with the latest features, and customizable faceplates.

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Clients Feedback

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