Security Solutions  For Commercial  Residential Markets

Ranger pioneered the Multiple-Zone Continuous-Wave Multiplier Sensor technique. 

Walk-Through Security Gate

Ranger’s innovative approach to designing and manufacturing security scanners has led to many advancements in the field of metal detection technology.

Hand Held Body Scanners

Designed for weapon screening and loss prevention.  Our fully adjustable sensitivity control permits optimal performance for both weapon screening and loss prevention applications.

Loyal Pro as an official partner, and provider supply and install security systems through trusted brands and preferred products exclusively.

Manufacturer of the IntelliScan

A patented technical advantage that differentiates us!

IntelliScan Walk-Through Security Metal Detectors

Advanced Target Identification

Infrared IR Sensor (helps minimize interference and false alarms)

Smart Counter (Counts Number of Passes up and down)

The Multi-Zone Advantage

Proven Quality and Reliability

Fast Shipping & Delivery

In need of security?

Ranger Security is a leading manufacturer of security solutions for commercial and residential markets

Ranger pioneered the Multiple-Zone Continuous-Wave Multiplier Sensor technique. The Intelliscan was the first walk-through detector to accurately pinpoint the location of weapons. Since its inception, Multi-Zone Detection has set the standard for walk-through detectors.

The leaders in the areas of non-intrusive body orifice security scanning and surgical instrument loss prevention screening. The B.O.S.S. Body Orifice Security Scanner detects small metal objects concealed in body cavities.


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