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We help ensure the safety and security of employees, customers, and visitors to your organization’s environment, we provide essential safety and integrated security solutions.

Automatic Arm Barrier
An aesthetic appearance, a weather-proof outdoor cabin, a powerful engine, and are produced to international quality standards.
Automatic Road Blocker
Hydraulic Telescopic Road Blocker has designed for the places where has infrastructure constraints such as limited foundation depths to provide access control system.
Telescopic Rising Bollard B-TMB
Hydraulic Rising Bollards has designed for the places where has infrastucture constraints such as limited foundation depths to provide access control system.
Underground Flood Barrier
Deep Mounted Flood Barriers are designed to prevent areas where installed from floods. It's resistance to flood is stronger than Surface Mounted Flood Barriers.
Hydraulic Road Traps
Hydraulic Road Traps are used to prevent entry from unauthorized access points in parking lots, shopping malls, apartment complexes, one-way roads, etc.
Double-Spiked Automatic Road Traps
Double-Spiked Road Trap is used to control entry/exits. Rather than operate manually as standard ground traps do, it works by remote control, button systems, etc.
Entry and exit are enabled either with a single turnstile or with two turnstiles used separately at the same point at the exits.
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Anti-Terror High-Security Fixed Bollard
A high-security fixed bollard designed exclusively to offer cost-effective and impactful perimeter defense in government, institution, military, and other sensitive facilities.
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Full Security Systems Trusted Security Products Authorized Brands

The car park barrier designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications, to help ensure good control and monitoring of vehicle entries.
A high-tech turnstile security system with access control. A wide range of turnstile products from glass & VIP turnstiles to half & full turnstiles, and special designs.
A completely line of safety systems that offers dependable solutions for all of your fire detection requirements & needs with an integrated security systems.
Access control products for applications ranging from small multi-door systems to enterprise-wide, networked systems for better access management.
Public Address and Voice Alarm systems allow safe and controlled building evacuation to be managed in the case of an emergency and address the stuff.
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We offer a complete line of security products and solutions. Together we can take security to the next level for your property & staff.

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